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TrackOFF helps you stop online tracking, targeted ads,
ID theft, and invasion of privacy.

Surf privately, secure your browsers and disguise your location for true online privacy.
Built for personal computers on Windows 10, 8, 7.

With TrackOFF, companies and individuals can't
acquire enormous amounts of very specific
information about you

Browse anonymously so that even your
Internet Service Provider won't know what
you're up to.

In the age of constant connectivity, online
privacy and secure browsing
are no longer
merely nice to have — they are mandatory.

Stop exposing your identity and personal life

TrackOFF provides the anti-tracking you need in today's digital world

  • Prevents online ID theft

    Your computer has a unique
    fingerprint that's used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

  • Shields your Internet browsing history from prying eyes

    Hard-to-remove tracking cookies tell the story of who you are and where you've been. TrackOFF blasts them away in seconds.

  • Shows who's trying to track you and stops them

    Ever wonder who's following you online? TrackOFF shows you a list of every website trying to scoop up your info.

  • Runs in the background

    Easy to use application that runs in the background with no hassle.

  • Detects threats in real-time

    State-of-the-art technology identifies attempts to collect your personal, family, medical, and financial data.

  • Schedules your browsing cleanings

    Don't have time to manually erase your browsing history? No worries! Set it and forget it with easy removal.

  • Helps you search privately

    With DuckDuckGo, you can perform searches with peace of mind that they'll never be logged.

  • Installs easily

    A no-hassle configuration means that you're protected in minutes.

  • Automatically detects browsers

    TrackOFF knows which browsers are on your computer and enables protection.

  • Won't degrade your browsing

    Other software blocks essential elements of webpages. TrackOFF was designed to allow the good and stop the bad.

  • Doesn't store your data

    We believe in true privacy online, which means we'll never collect or sell your personal information.

Plans & Pricing

Choose a plan that's right for you — we offer products tailored for both casual and active Internet users

TrackOFF Standard

Avanquest discount
regular price
Billed annually

TrackOFF Standard Features

See who's trying to track you and get notified about the attempts instantly. Remove all browsing history and cookies. Set up a scheduled maintanance. Whitelist the websites you trust. Stop the hackers and trackers from stealing your identity and personal life.

  • Identity theft protection
  • Detailed tracking reports
  • Advanced cookie removal
  • Private search

TrackOFF Elite

Avanquest discount
regular price
Billed annually

TrackOFF Elite Features

Enjoy all the great features of TrackOFF Standard. In addition, browse anonymously by enabling VPN with one click. Mask your real location, unlock restricted websites and enjoy the complete safety.

  • Identity theft protection
  • Detailed tracking reports
  • Advanced cookie removal
  • Private search
  • Anonymous browsing (VPN)
  • Location masking